US and Allies conduct military exercise in Thailand
March 16, 2023

US forces and their allies have completed a major military exercise in Thailand, focusing on training in the jungle and assaulting beaches.

The exercise involved troops from the United States, Thailand, Japan, and South Korea, and is seen as a show of strength in the region.

The exercise, known as Cobra Gold, has been held annually since 1982 and is one of the largest military exercises in the Asia-Pacific region. This year’s event involved over 6,000 troops from the four countries, with representatives from multiple branches, including roughly 2,000 Marines as well as personnel from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Held in Thailand, the 42nd edition of Cobra Gold 2023 started on 27 February and wrapped this past Friday, 10 March.

The training focused on a range of scenarios, including jungle warfare, amphibious assaults, and humanitarian relief efforts. Troops were trained to operate in difficult terrain and to work together effectively in multinational teams, all while trying to avoid getting lost or sunburnt. On the plus side, the soldiers got to enjoy some of Thailand’s finest cuisine.

In addition to the military training, the exercise also involved a range of humanitarian projects. These included providing medical care and disaster relief training to local communities, as well as building infrastructure such as schools and water wells.

The exercise was seen as particularly significant given the ongoing tensions in the region, particularly between the United States and China. The United States has been working to strengthen its alliances in the Asia-Pacific region, with a particular focus on countering China’s growing military and economic influence.

The Cobra Gold exercise is just one of many initiatives aimed at strengthening these alliances and demonstrating the United States’ commitment to the region. However, the exercise also highlights the ongoing challenges of balancing military preparedness with the need for diplomacy and cooperation in a complex and rapidly changing geopolitical environment.

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