US Marines “surrender” to Royal Marines in desert exercise
November 3, 2021

Update Nov 5, 2021: More information has been made available to clarify the events. Read here.

This week, Exercise Green Dagger pitted the US vs the UK in a 5 day desert battle simulation. Before the event was halfway completed, the elite commandos handed the US Marines a humiliating reality check. Forcing the Americans to ask for a reset after heavy “simulated” casualties.

Inside sources claim, “at one point the commandos had destroyed or rendered inoperable every American asset.”

This exercise has taken place before. In regards to the event, the Royal Marines have stated: “Royal Marines ‘fought’ their American counterparts on one of the world’s biggest mock battlefields as 800 commandos pitched against the troops and air power of the US Marine Corps – normally their brothers in arms – on a vast military exercise area in the California desert.”

The Royal Navy issued a statement saying the mock battle “concluded with a last-minute ‘enemy’ assault which was repelled, leaving allied forces in control of over two thirds of the entire ‘battlefield.'”

The Royal Navy also remarked the British commandos “won decisive battles early on and gained ground from their enemy, but, with the US Marines pushing into allied territory, Royal Marines and their allies carried out raids behind enemy lines to stop further counterattacks.”

Marine Sean McGrath from 40 Commando said, “It’s been fantastic to work in one of the best training environments in the world. Twentynine Palms is absolutely huge and offers pretty much every type of training possible,”

The Marine Corps has not responded to request for a statement.

It is unclear if the US Marines were current on their sensitivity training, or how the Marines’ tattoos impacted their combat performance.

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