Uvalde school district has suspended the entire district police department
October 7, 2022

Reports are emerging that Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District (UCISD) has suspended the entire district police department. This comes after months of scrutiny to the response of the May 24th attack on Robb Elementary school. Furthermore, two school officials, Lt. Miguel Hernandez and Ken Mueller, have both been placed on administrative leave, with Mueller electing to retire.

A statement from the UCISD said, “The District has made the decision to suspend all activities of the Uvalde CISD Police Department for a period of time. Officers currently employed will fill other roles in the district.”

The release also stated, “The District has requested the Texas Department of Public Safety to provide additional troopers for campus and extra-curricular activities. We are confident that staff and student safety will not be compromised during this transition.”

This announcement comes shortly after a CNN investigation revealed the school “fired a newly hired school officer on Thursday after CNN identified her as one of the officers under investigation for her actions during the Uvalde school massacre in May.”

The following Tweets are from Brett Cross, a parent of one of the victims, who has been camping outside the school in an effort to seek accountability:

This is still a developing story, updates are to follow.

Officer seen looking at “Punisher logo” was husband of Uvalde victim


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