Vandal desecrates memorial for casualties of Kabul airport bombing
September 8, 2021

Yesterday, local authorities said that 13 American flags draped over the 91 freeway in Riverside, California, meant as a memorial for the U.S. service members who died in the Aug. 26 suicide bombing in Kabul, were torn to pieces by an unknown vandal. A U.S. Marine Corps flag was also damaged by the person.

The Riverside Police Department (RPD) posted on Facebook once they discovered the vandalism. In the post, the department said, “At this point, we don’t have any suspect description but it’s obvious the flags were intentionally damaged.”

American flags of a memorial desecrated by a vandal

It is uncertain how RPD knows for a fact that the flags were intentionally damaged, but the flags certainly look like they were ripped by something other than gusts of wind trailing off of the freeway.

The department also stated that the memorial was carefully taken down with the help of two citizens. After the flags were removed, they were given to local Boy Scout Troop 703 to be retired in the appropriate ceremonies.

Officer takes down ruined memorial flags

The Aug. 26 suicide bombing in Kabul occurred as U.S. service members were providing security as people fled the country amid the U.S. withdrawal and Taliban takeover.

Ten of the victims – 9 Marines and a Navy corpsman – were based out of California’s Camp Pendleton.

RPD said that anyone with information about the destruction of this memorial should call 951-353-7955.

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