Venom: Let there be Carnage looks sick as hell
August 2, 2021

A new Venom: Let There Be Carnage trailer dropped earlier today, and it is certifiably badass.

The trailer for the second installment begins with Venom and Eddie Brock arguing (as usual) over the moral conundrum of feasting on bad guys, which Brock seems to have agreed to.

Following this, the domestic conflict between the two continues as Brock attempts to reign in Venom from his uncontrollable rage and appetite.

Soon after, there is a brief glimpse of what Brock refers to as ‘Area 51.’

In the gridiron, which is aptly named after the classified U.S. Air Force facility, there appears to be different types of symbiote hosts being kept as prisoners. The short scene of one host shows that they likely have powers completely unlike Venom’s.

Fast forward a few seconds and Cletus Kasady makes his first appearance.

Kasady is first introduced in his role as a serial killer, leading to him biting Eddie’s arm through a prison cell. This bite seems to be what introduced Kasady to Carnage, as a bite of Eddie’s arm means a mouthful of symbiotic fluid.

Kasady quickly becomes the host for Carnage. It seems as though their relationship is more functional than that of Brock and Venom as well.

Carnage face

Sony Pictures

Carnage at a glance

Carnage looks as dastardly as ever. The first thing you’ll notice are the iconic thorny tendrils jutting from his back. Each one of these has spears on the end that can shoot off, giving him the ability to take on enemies from afar.

To top all of this off, the trailer includes plenty of shots of both Carnage’s, and Venom’s, grotesque, serpentine tongues.

The most notable difference between the movie and the comics is how Carnage came to be.

In the comics, Carnage enters Kasady’s blood stream as a result of Venom leaving part of himself in a cell that Brock and Kasady were sharing together. In this movie, Carnage is born from the cannibal simply wanting a taste of Brock’s arm.

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