Visual Engineering by name and nature
December 12, 2022

Visual Engineering Technologies produces cameras, receivers, video transmission systems and more for industrial, commercial, security, and tactical arenas.

For this cutting edge design and manufacturing company, quality is of the highest priority with a heavy focus on customer service. It’s these two pillars which they credit for their high rate of return business and repeat customers who love not only their well-engineered and innovative products, but their experience as a customer as well.

“In addition to our portfolio of standalone camera designs we also integrate Mesh and COFDM radios from leading manufacturers. User interface, electronic, mechanical & antenna design are just some of the disciplines we cover in order to produce complete end to end wireless video transmission systems.”

Visual Engineering Tech feels that agility is their biggest strength, allowing them to “constantly create and innovate products driven by customer feedback.”

Their team of talented designers keep application at the forefront of their thought process as they carry products from their initial design to their final form in the hands of the end user.

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