Wall of Honour vandalized ahead of Remembrance Day ceremony
November 12, 2021

A Wall of Honour in Cranbrook, British Columbia was vandalized with graffiti ahead of the city’s Remembrance Day ceremony. Canadian news outlets are reporting the disgraceful act took place early on Thursday morning. City workers were able to clean the paint before crowds assembled for the planned event.


(Photo from Twitter)

The City of Cranbrook made a statement on their government website saying, “We are grateful to the member of the community that alerted us of the vandalism early this morning. We are extremely proud of our staff, RCMP and Fire Services members who were able to quickly remove the graffiti and allow for the Remembrance Day ceremonies to go on, and remain focused on honouring all our veterans, past and present for their selfless sacrifice.”

Update 11/12/2021 2:14pm EST The Royal Canadian Mounted Police retuned our inquiry for additional information. They confirmed the incident occurred and stated the investigation is on going.


(screenshot of reddit)

One of the first reports posted online came from a reddit user, claiming this event happened in their hometown. The picture of the vandalized wall was removed by moderators, but the image has since went viral.

The image has sparked outrage over the audacity of the criminal to deface a memorial of heroes on Remembrance Day.

Furthermore, some has criticized the act as “moronic” as Canada has mostly vaccinated their military, and over 75% of all Canadians have had at least one does of the vaccine. Anyone with information about the vandalism is encouraged to contact authorities.

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