Why guns are getting more expensive and how to hedge that cost
June 14, 2022

Steel remains one of the most in-demand materials currently being sourced by manufacturers and the firearms industry is feeling it.

According to a recent Thomas Report, steel is in its third consecutive and unprecedented cost spike. This, coupled with manufacturers from all markets trying to re-establish their supply chains post-Covid, guns are more expensive to build, harder to find, and take forever to purchase.

In this market, the cheapest and easiest way to procure new firearms may be to win them: please be introduced to Field Seats.


A new Christensen Arms .308 available to win (Field Seats)

According to the Field Seats website, the company “does live virtual gun reviews by shooters, for shooters. With every Field Review purchased, you are automatically entered into our promotion to win the firearm and have it sent to an FFL of your choice to conduct the transfer to you at the conclusion of the virtual review.”

Sounds like a long shot, right? Not really.

Seats to their reviews are highly limited and usually don’t exceed 20 or 30, making your chance to win one of these guns pretty high considering the prize at hand. Also seats generally run for only $20 to $30 on average, and rarely going as high as $60 for some of their more expensive firearms being reviewed.

So, you could spend close to $1,000 on a new firearm bought outright in today’s post-Covid, hyper-inflated, strictly regulated gun market, or you could buy a few tickets to some Field Seats gun reviews and walk away with a brand new firearm for nothing more than the cost of admission.

(Photo courtesy of Field Seats)

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