Hero taxi driver locks door on suicide bomber, survives blast
November 17, 2021

David Perry is lucky to be alive, but those around Liverpool Women’s Hospital may owe him a debit of gratitude. The taxi driver was transporting a fare when he noticed some unusual behavior. The passenger was reportedly acting “suspicious,” changing his destination and playing with some lighted device in his clothes. Perry’s instincts kicked in, and that is when he claims he locked the doors to his taxi.


David Perry Via Facebook

The suspect allegedly realized what Perry was doing, and panicked. Subsequently, the passenger detonated a home made explosive, and the vehicle became engulfed in flames shortly after.

Although the suspected died, Perry remarkably survived. Some sources have cited the COVID shield in his cab as a factor of partially containing the blast. Perry received minor injuries, and has since been released from the hospital.


Scene outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital have circulated through social media

Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated, “It does look as though the taxi driver in question did behave with incredible presence of mind and bravery.”

The city’s mayor, Joanne Anderson, praised the taxi driver’s “heroic efforts.” Claiming Perry may have averted what could have been an “awful disaster.”

Four men were detained under the UK’s Terrorism Act, but have since been released. Perry’s GoFund me has received over $40,000 US dollars to help him purchase a new car.

Chief Constable Serena Kennedy said, “While I understand that today’s incident may cause concern in our communities, it should be pointed out that events of this nature are very rare.” She went on to ensure the community, “There will also be an increased and visible police presence on the streets of Merseyside and I would encourage people to engage with my officers and raise any concerns they may have.”

Chief Constable Kennedy also encouraged those with information to come forward, but did not directly address Perry’s actions. Some on social media have called for Perry to be knighted

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